Sykkuno Names Valkyrae the Face of YouTube Gaming

Sykkuno thinks that Rachell Hofstetter, AKA “Valkyrae”, is his fellow amigop streamer and will not be banned from YouTube. She is YouTube Gaming’s face.

Valkyrae is one of YouTube’s most viewed streamers with over 3.66 million subscribers.

Valkyrae, who started streaming only for YouTube in 2020, has not been banned.

According to Sykkuno, Valkyrae could not lose her popularity. Her contributions over the years to the growth of the platform are not to be overlooked.

During livestreams Valkyrae & Sykkuno often play video games like ‘Among Us’. On May 27, Valkyrae became more adventurous and decided to join forces for another round of ‘Valorant.

Although she had considered playing the horror online game “Slenderman: Hentai Edition”, but was scared of being banned by YouTube, it wasn’t something that she wanted to do. Sykkuno, one of YouTube’s best-known gamers, assured her it wasn’t possible.

Valkyrae could not find the Hentai Edition ‘SlenderMan’ during her stream at the end. She quickly returned to her original game and all fears of a ban were dispelled.

But Sykkuno’s comments caused a heated debate among YouTube Gaming enthusiasts about who is “the face,” especially when you are up against major names such as Dr Disrespect and Ludwig.

Sykkuno may have been dissatisfied by Valkyrae’s claims. However, she was one of the most popular Twitch. YouTube Gaming streamers and many other people followed her lead, even Sykkuno.


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