Sykkuno Struggle In Dark Souls 3

Thomas Sykkuno plays many games, but League of Legends remains his favourite. He decided to try Dark Souls 3 during a Twitch stream. It was released March 2016.

Sykkuno had trouble getting beyond the first screen. Dark Souls 3 can be difficult, the streamer jokes. He claimed that he was facing the “hardest boss span>”.

Sykkuno made a decision to begin the year by streaming a brand new Twitch stream. He had read that Dark Souls 3 is one of the hardest games so decided to stream it.

But Sykkuno had a funny problem the first time he started up the game.

The streamer was presented with a long Online user agreement on the first screen. Sykkuno must agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to play the game. Scrolling down was necessary to locate the “accept” button. He struggled to do so for quite some while. The streamer laughed and said that Dark Souls 3 is a very difficult game.

The video clearly shows that Sykkuno struggled to scroll for long periods of time. The streamer, after laughing about his “hardest boss”, was finally able scroll down. He accidentally clicked the decline button in haste!

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