Sykkuno Three Year Milestone

Sykkuno has quickly established himself as one of the most popular Twitch streamers. In just three years, he’s risen to the top of the Amazon-owned platform, attracting tens of thousands of viewers across all of his streams, regardless of content.

Sykkuno used the final few minutes of last night’s stream, dubbed “Sykkuno Day” by streamers and fans, to have a heart-to-heart with his massive Twitch audience, thanking them for their immeasurable support over the past three years. He reflected on the memories he has shared with his friends and fans since the beginning of his streaming journey, emphasizing how important everyone has been in his personal development.

Ludwig, Valkyrae, Corpse Husband, Tinakitten, BaboAbe, Scarra, Kkatamina, Aria, Buddha, Natsumii, Disguised Toast, and Fuslie all came to play Minecraft at the end of the Sykkuno Day, surprising the humble Sykkuno. The flood of messages from passionate fans pouring their love and support for the green-loving, scarf-wearing streamer overwhelmed Sykkuno each time he attempted to end the stream.

Sykkuno’s dialogue with his fans was interpreted by some fans as a hint that he might change which platform he streams on, or even put his streaming career on hold indefinitely. However, given his description of how important streaming is to him, Sykkuno is unlikely to leave anytime soon.

He did say he’d make an announcement after his Sykkuno merchandise arrived, but it’s unclear if that announcement has anything to do with his Twitch streaming career.


Sykuno is a popular video game streamer on Amazon’s Twitch. He thanked his many fans, who had been supporting him through videos and streams for three years. They proceeded to surprise him with their presence and Sykuno’s speech was interpreted by some as a hint that he might change which

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