Sykkuno YouTube Viewership Riled Up After Switch

Sykkuno ‘s YouTube views surpassed Twitch’s in the first month. This shows that the move did not have the adverse effects that many were afraid of.

Sykkuno made a surprising announcement to YouTube on May 2, following the lead of TimTheTatman and Ludwig who were seeking better pastures.

He’s now settled in to his new home on the platform after a month. Many expected that the change would have an immediate effect on his viewers, but it would ultimately recover.

According to Streams Charts’ reliable report, his viewers did not change during the initial month. It was in many ways even more impressive than Twitch.

His first YouTube stream on May 5th, had 431,000 viewers concurrently, 33% more than his last Twitch stream.

It climbed once more the following week but finally settled at numbers comparable to those seen on Twitch.

But, at the end of each month, his average viewership had increased by 11%. This is a remarkable achievement.

It is important to note that Sykkuno’s viewing numbers increased immediately after his move, and not as a result of ‘it get worse before it gets better’.

It appears that the money he received to switch to Twitch was a positive in many ways. However, he does miss certain things that he used to watch on Twitch.


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