Sykkuno’s fan gets disguised toast

Jeremy Wang aka Disguised toast, a Facebook streamer and gaming expert returned from Vegas. He took to Twitch after his stream. This quickly became an instant viral sensation after he laughed at the viewer who attempted to take his place among his friends. Toast demonstrated that he values his friends and said Sykunno was 30 years old, implying the viewer should take care of their business. Then he went on to talk about his experience and mention Rachel Hofstetter, the RFLCT controversy.

Toast started streaming right after returning from their lengthy trip. Toast was not allowed to stream gaming streams on Twitch because of a special contract with Facebook Gaming. Toast noticed one comment from Sykkuno viewers who was clearly concerned about his stream. He said: “Did Sykkuno reach out to Sykkuno in order to ensure he returned home safely from EDC span>

Toast, who was not his mother, was shocked by Toast’s inability to answer the question. He replied, “He is 30 years old. He can manage himself.” He is NOT my mother. I made sure he knew that I was not his mom. I hugged him as he returned from Uber home span>

His chat broke down in laughter after he had responded. Other chatter members commented on his remark and said that his friends are “parasocial”. They often baby him whether they mean it or not.

Toast also criticized Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo’s attempt to stop Rachel Valkyrae Hofstetter doing more harm than she already did during her controversial stream. Toast then went on a little rant about what it might be like to play “both” sides in the RFLCT debate.

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