SypherPK Views On Fortnite No Building Mode

Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan has shared his thoughts on Fortnite‘s no-building mode, revealing how it may affect the game’s future.

The second season of Fortnite Chapter 3 began with buildings being temporarily removed from the game. While this feature helped Epic Games’ BR stand out from other games, many Fortnite players have enjoyed the change.

Ninja, Tfue, and NickEh30 have all asked for the mode to be kept as a permanent feature. Even Dr. Disrespect chimed in, saying that the mode was “fun” and that it was something he’d never said about Fortnite before.

Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan, a long-time Fortnite player, has now given his opinion on the no-building mode that is currently sweeping the Fortnite community.

SypherPK finally revealed his thoughts on Fortnite’s no building mode after spending hours streaming it.

For years, Fortnite players have wished for the game’s developers to add a mode that removes all of the game’s building elements. Epic has never ventured into this territory despite these pleas – until now. With the building mechanic’s temporary removal, it’s clear that many content creators want it to come back.

Despite this, SypherPK believes that the Tactical Sprint, recharging Overshield, and potential parkour mechanics will allow for a version of Fortnite that does not require building.

It’s an exciting prospect, and many Fortnite fans will be hoping that the no-build mode is kept in the game in the future.

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