T Mobile WiFi Calling Not Working

WiFi calling is a standard feature for smartphone users. Many people prefer WiFi calling to cell calls for business and interpersonal communication. It’s easy to connect to WiFi networks and be connected! There have been times when our cellular signals were weak, but WiFi calling saved us.

T-Mobile WiFi calling has been available for some time, however there have been numerous complaints about T-Mobile WiFi calling failing to work. It can be frustrating for people who depend on WiFi calling to place calls. We have attempted to identify the causes of TMobile WiFi not working in this article. Let’s get started.

Why is T Mobile WiFi Not Working

Although the causes of your T Mobile WiFi call feature not functioning can vary between users, it is possible to narrow down the list to just a few culprits. These are the results of our observation and research:

  1. A possible device failure:Your WiFi calling function may be experiencing a delay or glitch and will require some additional time to fix it.
  2. Mismanaged Network Settings: One of the main reasons T-Mobile WiFi calling stops working is a mismanaged network setting. Reset the network and see if WiFi calls resume.
  3. Turn off WiFi calling feature: Often we forget to turn off WiFi calling, which can leave it off for several days until we notice the issue. To check if it is on at all,
  4. Enabled Airplane ModeNote: If your phone has Airplane Mode turned on, it will block you from accessing most internet-related content, even T-Mobile’s WiFi calling features. Make sure Airplane Mode has been disabled.
  5. An unstable internet connection: The most frequent reason TMobile WiFi calls are not functioning is because of an insecure or weak network. You can switch to another network and try again.

These are all possible reasons why WiFi calling might not work right now. Let’s now look at possible solutions.

Solved: T Mobile WiFi Calling Not Working

We have provided detailed instructions on how to resolve the T-Mobile WiFi call not working issue. Please read each step carefully before you give up and seek professional assistance. Although some of these methods are basic, they often get overlooked. These are 6 ways you can fix T Mobile WiFi not working on Android or iPhone.

1. Look at Third-Party Apps

Third Party Apps

Many third-party apps offer call forwarding, call transfers and a host of other features. These are all great options for businesses who want to have a virtual number that allows them to carry out daily interactions online. MightyCall, Call Forwarding Lite and other such apps have helped people all over the globe connect. These apps could be considered alternatives to regular WiFi calling.

T Mobile’s WiFi calling features can sometimes be hampered by third-party apps. It is best to temporarily disable any third-party apps in such situations to see if it resolves itself. You will know what you should do next time it happens.

2. Verify if WiFi calling is enabled

Check if WiFi Calling is Enabled

It is obvious that you won’t be able to reap the full benefits of WiFi calling if your device doesn’t have it enabled. It is important to check if the toggle has been accidentally disabled.

Please Note: If you have an older T Mobile model, the WiFi calling feature might not be available to you. Check with your provider to determine if it is necessary to update the device.

How to call TMobile WiFi:

  • Navigate to the Mobile Menu.
  • Click on Settings and Wireless and Networks tab.
  • Choose the WiFi calling tab.
  • If it’s gray, toggle the WiFi calling section on. Turn it on again if it’s already green.

3. Start the phone and insert the Sim Card.

Restart iPhone 13

This is an essential no matter how complicated your T Mobile issue or other issues you may be having with your phone. Sometimes a simple reboot can work miracles. Make sure to try this before you resort to more complex workarounds. Sometimes, the problem can be fixed by re-inserting your SIM card.

This is how you do it.

  • Turn off your device.
  • On either side, locate the SIM tray.
  • To eject the holder, use a paperclip or the SIM Card ejection tool.
  • It is now time to take it out.
  • Switch on thehe gadget.

4. Internet Connection

Check Internet Connection

Once again, this is the main reason why T-Mobile WiFi calls stop working. First, ensure that you’re connected to an network.

You might be experiencing an poor or unstable internet connection. These could be the reasons your TMobile WiFi calling service is not working.

5. You can connect to a different WiFi frequency

Connect to A Different WiFi Frequency

T Mobile WiFi calling does not work on Android or iPhones, as we have discussed. However, it is possible that you are having an issue with the feature at a specific WiFi.

Switching to another network may be beneficial in both of these cases. You should connect with another WiFi frequency and a stable signal strength.

6. To force WiFi calling, use Airplane Mode

Use Airplane Mode to Force WiFi Calling

There are a couple of ways that the Airplane Mode can be used to make WiFi calls. As we have already discussed, WiFi calling may not work if the Airplane Mode has been turned on. However, here are some things you can do if this isn’t the case: Switch it on and off.

This causes the WiFi calling function to return to action. If T-Mobile WiFi calling has stopped working, you can try the following and see if it works.


These are the best ways to resolve the problem of T-Mobile WiFi not connecting. To find a solution, it is best to try everything. You can try everything and then see if it works.

This article should have helped you to identify the possible causes as well as the solutions for T Mobile WiFi not working on Android or iPhones. We wish you all the best!

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