Taylor Swift Releases Wildest Dream Version

Popular Singer Songwriter Taylor Swift surprised fans by releasing a snippet from the re-recorded version of her song “Wildest Dreams” for those who participated in the “slow zoom” trend.

Over the last year, TikTok has significantly increased the number of filters and effects available for users to experiment with. These effects are frequently used as the foundation for strange and wonderful trends that spread across the app at breakneck speed.

People have been obsessed with the ‘slow zoom’ filter in recent weeks, which, as the name implies, creates an automatic zoom-in effect that users can customize the length of.

People have been combining this effect with Taylor Swift’s popular song “Wildest Dreams” to make themselves look like they’re in a movie or a music video, making them look like they’re in a movie or a music video.

Taylor joined TikTok in August and is now participating by surprising fans with a snippet from her re-recorded version of “Wildest Dreams” for fans to use in their videos.

Taylor is also set to release a re-recorded version of her album RED in November, following Scooter Braun’s reported $300 million sale of the masters for six of her albums to another company in 2019.

“Here she is if you want to use my version of Wildest Dreams for the slow zoom trend!” She added the new snippet to a video. “It felt cute, and I’m thinking about dropping the whole song later.”

She went on to create her own version of the trend, using her own voice, in a video that received over four million views.

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