Team Red Rabbits wins the Minecraft Championship 15.

After Quackity and Sapnap won the Minecraft Championship 15, the Minecraft Community and its fans celebrated the win of popular Minecraft Streamer Dream.

The Minecraft Championship 15 ended on July 24th with an amazing victory by Team Red Rabbits. Dream, Quackity and Sapnap are some of the Team Red Rabbits players.

The Minecraft Championships, or MCC for short, are monthly tournaments that take place through Noxcrew. The tournaments have ten teams of four people each, who play in 8 minigames chosen by participants. The 15th Minecraft Championship saw Ranboo’s debut on Team Pink Parrots. Many fans had hoped for Ranboo’s team to win, but they were ultimately defeated by Team Red Rabbits.

Team Yellow Yaks, which includes players like CaptainSparklez and Seapeekay as well as JackManifoldTV, Punz and Punz have been the most successful teams to reach the Dodgebolt final round. Team Red Rabbits won the final round with a clean sweep, winning with a score of 3-0. Dream, Sapnap, and Michael won the Minecraft Championship 15 tournament for their second and third wins. Quackity won the tournament for the first time, having been participating in this event since Minecraft Championship 11.

Many fans in the minecraft community were thrilled to witness a win from Dream and Quackity. After the incredible victory of Dream, Team Red Rabbits, fans took to social media and shared their congratulations.


Sapnap is a recurring competitor in MC Championship. He is well known as one of the members of the Dream Team, consisting of fellow competitors, Dream and GeorgeNotFound. He is also known for his variety livestreams from Minecraft to other video games on his Twitch channels. He joined the event in MCC 7.

Every time Dream and Sapnap were both on this team, the team placed 1st and they won through a clean sweep.


The winners of the Minecraft Championship 15 Event were the Red Rabbits! The Red Rabbits consisted of Dream, Michaelmcchill, Quackity and Sapnap. It was an absolute beating in the final round, Dodgebolt, after the Red Rabbits beat the Yellow Yaks 3-0 to take the win.24-Jul-2021

Real Name. GeorgeNotFound is a recurring competitor in MC Championship, prominently known for his involvement in Dream’s Manhunt series, his involvement in Dream SMP and collaborations in the same circle. He joined the event in MCC 6 and has won two regular events: MCC 11 and MCC 12, as well as a special event, MCC AS.

Event Players Team Placement
————————– —————————————————— ————–
MC Championship 14 Tubbo, Nihachu, Vikkstar123, TommyInnit 4th
MC Championship Pride 2021 LDShadowLady, Smallishbeans, CaptainPuffy, Vikkstar123 5th
MC Championship 15 Quackity, Dream, Sapnap, Michaelmcchill 1st
MC Championship 16 TommyInnit, WilburSoot, Ph1LzA, Ranboo 9th


Dream, Michaelmcchill, Quackity and Sapnap won the Minecraft Championship 15, who were on Team Red Rabbits.

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