Team Zemie Defeats Team Tfue

Team Zemie won the Twitch Rivals Zero Build Showdown II.

Fortnitespan styling=”font-weight 400 ;”>’s sweltering Zero Build mode was back at Twitch Rivals with another round and a $100,000 prize pool. After the successful Zero Build contest, Twitch was back in action. Team Tfue was composed of Team Liquid’s Scoped, classic duo colleagues Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore. They won first place by a wide margin.

Scoped, Battle Royale veteran DougIsRaw and Cloakzy lost to Cloakzy. However they still managed to win the second consecutive Zero Build event. The trio faced many other icons throughout the six matches. Tfue tried to go back-to-back with players such as SypherPK and NickEh30. Replays and other Zero Build fans stopped Tfue.

Tfue was in contention right up to the end when Team Zemie managed just enough to win.

From the 33-strong field, two teams emerged to lead game six. It was a daunting task for Team Zemie which consisted of content creators Zemie & Prospering and professional Fortnite player Edgey. Tfue looked amazing in every Zero Build tournament.

These two teams fought for the top spot in the leaderboard throughout the competition. To start the competition, Team Zemi played a fast Victory Royale with 21 eliminations. This was an amazing performance that is not often seen in tournaments. Every other team needed to improve their grounds, but Zemie, Edgey and Prospering were in a good position.

Team Zemie scored 17, 22 and 16 points in games three, four and five, respectively. Team Tfue scored 81 points during that period. Tfue’s company scored 91 points, and Team Zemie had 104. The defending champions had to win game six but failed to do so.

Team Tfue fell earlier than anticipated, but it found itself in an in-game difficult situation with little mobility and other teams close in. Twitch Rivals Zero Build Showdown was won by Team Zemie, who split $21K USD. Team Acorn came third, behind Team Tfue with 91 points.

Tfue, Zero Build and Peanut Butter are similar to peanut butter and jelly. Fortnite’s legend won the title of most eliminated players for the second consecutive tournament. Tfue is a professional, and many of his fellow players have been professionals for years. He’ll be hosting his own Twitch Rivals Creator Series Event, which he hopes he can win.

Team loud Leo took the Latin American contest with 148 points. Team POW3Rtv won Europe by 1 point over Team SolaryFortnite.



Team Zemie, featuring Team Liquid’s Scoped, classic Duo members Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore, won the Twitch Rivals Zero Build Showdown II. Scoped, Battle Royale veteran DougIsRaw and Cloakzy lost to Cloakzy. However

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