Technoblade’s Charity Stream

Popular Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade has earned $323,000 for cancer research during his charity event stream, which allows fans to take control of the game, following the terrible announcement of his cancer diagnosis.

Technoblade, the Minecraft YouTube sensation, returned to the internet on August 27 after a hiatus, but with the tragic news that he had been diagnosed with cancer and was presently undergoing chemotherapy.

The Minecraft community gathered around the YouTuber, expressing their heartfelt support and wishing him a swift recovery.

Even celebrities such as Dream and awesomedude banded together to raise funds for charity.

Technoblade has now held his own charity event, complete with a funny twist that allows viewers to take control of the game with donations, generating $323,000 in less than four hours. For the event, the Minecraft celebrity had only one goal: to beat the game, but it wouldn’t be as simple as it seems. Donors could choose from a variety of gifts that may either help or hurt him, and the content created was hilarious.

Donation prizes ranged from $2000 for producing a wither tagged with your name to $15 for gifting the YouTuber a random item that would spawn in his inventory.

Of course, the donations weren’t the only twist; surprising visitors joined the live show on a regular basis to track down Technoblade as viewers hit major milestones. Other notable Minecraft creators, such as Philza, Ranboo, Squid Kid, Wilbur, and Skeppy, made surprise appearances as milestones were achieved.

In just under four hours, Technoblade surpassed his original fundraising goal of $250,000, raising a total of $323,000 for the Sarcoma Foundation of America, a charity dedicated to supporting research for a specific type of cancer that accounts for 15% of all children cancers. Following the conclusion of the event, the YouTuber thanked his community for their hard work in his Discord server.


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