Teeqo teases about the ‘Next Chapter of Future’

Teeqo, a suspended FaZe Clan member, stated in a Twitter post that he will announce his decision to followers on Friday, September 10, following the FaZe Clan cryptocurrency drama.

Teeqo was among the FaZe members that were expelled by the group for their participation in the “Save the Kids” cryptocurrency scam. Public didn’t like the fact that Save the Kids shares a name with the Save the Kids Foundation, a non-profit organization fighting child cancer. Its logo was also very similar to Save the Children’s.

Although he streams on Twitch now, he made it clear that he still feels strongly connected to FaZe Clan. Teeqo is a FaZe Clan member since 2011. It’s not clear if he will be returning. FaZe bankss seemed to be open for the possibility when asked whether the banished streamers would return. His response was, “It’s upto them.”

In a tweet, the FaZe suspended star said that he was making big announcements about his future. He would do so on Friday, September 10, 2010. His post on Twitter stated that he was asking for support from his followers regardless of where he ends up.

Teeqo’s tweet was rather vague about what his future plans are, and he didn’t even give any hint of his next steps. There are many theories in the crowd. Many believe that Teeqo’s tweet sounds like the end of FaZe Clan’s journey. However, some pointed out that Teeqo appears at the end FaZe Clan’s most recent video so it is possible for him to return.

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