Telesto Is Disabled

Telesto, the Destiny 2 fusion gun that shoots bugs and malfunctions, has caused yet another issue this week. Bungie has been looking into Telesto and its sticky bolts for years, and despite this, the community continues to find new ways to damage the game with the rifle.

Due to a new thing you can do with Telesto, it has been disabled in PvP and Gambit and many are wondering what it is.

So, the new Telesto issue is that you can use the gun’s sticky bolts to shoot a teammate, and the bolts will act as body armor for your ally. This can neutralize all damage from enemy players while they are linked, as shown in the video and it is rumored that it can even tank Golden Gun super hits.

While this is somewhat situational and impractical, in a smaller scale 3v3 format like Trials, you could put one buddy up and have them auto-win the first 1v1 they encounter, giving your team an immediate advantage. Even if this only works in rare circumstances, it’s enough to temporarily disable the gun in PvP games.

Telesto’s problem is almost always due to the way its bolts were designed; unlike other munitions, they are actual objects that frequently count as…enemies/opponents capable of absorbing damage and triggering on-kill effects. Recently, a Telesto bug where users and players could quickly regain their super by using a grenade or charged melee to blow up Telesto bolts causing super regen mods to activate.

Telesto was doing double damage with a seasonal update not long ago because each exploding bolt counted as an enemy killed, one of the original Telesto bugs was that firing the gun anywhere in the Blind Well and having the bolts explode quickly filled up the percent enemy kill meter but where does Telesto’s ally armor fit in? That’s the first one and there’s no word on when it’ll be re-enabled, but given the number of issues it’s caused, many are wondering if Bungie will simply remove it from the game. However, they’re mostly just going along with the joke at this point:

What will Telesto’s next move be? Will the engrams begin to fall from its bolts? Counting as kills to increase your KDA? Who knows, but the king of problems isn’t finished with us yet.

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