Ten Million Dollar Money Laundering Scheme

An alleged group of Turkish Twitch streamers were involved in $10 million money laundering scheme. The scheme was revealed by the Twitch data leak which exposed the highest-earning streams on the platform.

Middle East Eye reports that a small group of Turkish streamers were making big money from Bit donations. Twitch viewers can purchase Bits bulk to support their favourite streamers and make a donation. Every Bit that is used to cheer on affiliate and partnered streamers costs one cent. Hackers stole people’s credit cards information and made a deal to transfer large amounts of money through Bits. The streamers would refund the hacker’s bank accounts 80% and keep the rest, effectively laundering money.

Turkish Twitch users started an internet campaign (#temizTwitch) to clean up the Twitch data leak and expose the fraud.

Twitch streamer Grimnax, who is also a Twitch Streamer, was asked to join the fraud. He said the scheme had been around for many years and that most people are aware of it. However, they could not confirm Twitch or the owner Amazon for several years.

Because Twitch and his mid-level followers weren’t vocal enough, they waited to hear from big Twitch names.

Twitch streamer Jahrin with over 1.7 million subscribers has called on Twitch for action. He stated that he had testified to fraud and shared data, and that Twitch has responded.

Twitch spokeswoman said they wanted to assure the community they would not hesitate to act against any accounts involved in illegal conduct. On a regular basis they combat financial fraud and work with their partners to prevent it from happening again. In September, over 150 Turkish partners were arrested for using their monetization tools in unauthorized ways.

Twitch stated that they have been working closely with people who came forward to share their experiences.

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