Tfue Reveals Jitter Aiming Trick In Apex Legends

Twitch Streamer Turner Tenney AKA Tfue recently demonstrated why jitter aiming is so effective in Apex Legends, as well as how to do it correctly.

Apex Legends is a competitive game at its core, which means that players are always looking for ways to improve their skills. There’s always something a player can improve on, whether it’s trying out new strategies, using meta weapons and Legends, or landing at locations that yield the most loot.

Controlling the recoil of certain weapons is one of the most difficult things for new players and veterans alike. When using heavy or energy ammo guns, it’s especially difficult because most of them have a lot of kickback when fired.

Fortunately, Tfue demonstrated a powerful trick that can help control the recoil of these weapons during one of his Apex Legends Twitch streams. He was practicing his aim in the Firing Range during his September 6th stream when he decided to show his viewers a trick he uses to control the recoil of the Flatline and L-STAR.

He demonstrated how bullet spread affects certain weapons at long range before demonstrating the jitter aim technique. Unless you can reduce the recoil, it’ll be difficult to consistently deal damage to your opponents.

This is where the “jitter aiming” term comes into play. You can avoid a lot of the weapon’s kickback by drawing tiny circles with your scope as you fire, making your shots laser beam accurate. Of course, the said technique takes a lot of practice, but that small jitter when firing can surely make all the difference when trying to finish a target at range.

The jitter aiming won’t turn you into an Apex pro overnight but it will improve your ability to land long-range shots significantly. Despite the fact that most players dismiss the Flatline due to its heavy recoil pattern, as Tfue shows, this trick transforms it into a viable option.

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