The 2021 Controversial Four Streamers

Many of the most prominent streamers on the internet are often involved in problems, with a few notable names expected to do so in 2021. They must be careful with what they post and how they behave, given the attention streamers get from viewers and followers.

These creators were guilty of a variety of controversial comments and feuds in 2021. Here are some controversial streamers from the year 2021.

Fourth – HasanAbi

Hasan Abi Piker is a well-known podcast host and leftist Twitch streamer. He had an interesting year that saw him involved in several disputes. After Ludwig Ahgren’s and Chance “Sodapoppin”, Morris had insulted Adin Ross and their followers, he first attacked him. HasanAbi called Ross a “Twitch Frog” and claimed that Ross was talking to an infantile audience. The former also was criticised for his $2.7 million purchase of a Los Angeles residence.

3rd Trainwrecks

Tyler “Trainwrecks” Niknam is known for his tendency to get himself in trouble. Twitch streamer Tyler “Trainwrecks” Niknam has been accused several times of misogyny. He has also gone on explosive rants about random internet players. In 2021, Trainwrecks was one of the most popular Twitch streaming gambling streams. Although the American warned against such acts, some members of the community have criticized him on a frequent basis.

2nd Ice Poseidon

Paul Denino, also known as “Ice Poseidon”, is another streamer that has been prominent since 2021. For years, the streamer was criticized for being homophobic as well as racist. Poseidon was already accused of being a misbehaving. As a consequence, the streamer was not active on social media for several months.


The most controversial streamer in 2021 is xQc. He struggled to play on NoPixel’s GTA RP server where he was banned repeatedly for a number of in-game violations. He was then banned from Twitch after he aired a Tokyo 2021 Olympic competition on his channel. He also split with Sam “Adept”, his long-term partner, and moved in with his father. xQc was, alongside Trainwrecks and Trainwrecks one of the most requested Twitch streams for streaming gambling streams.

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