The 5 best alternatives to OneNote for Android

Microsoft OneNote is one of the most popular note-taking services today. Most likely because it is one of the best-integrated apps for people who use multiple devices. One of its best features is the ability to take notes with a stylus on tablets and smartphones. However, a lot of Android users are not happy with the fact that it is not possible to do so by default. In this article, I will give you five alternatives for taking notes that you can use in Android.

Here is a list of some of the best alternatives to OneNote for Android, where you can take notes, organize your life, and backup your mobile devices. OneNote: OneNote is the most popular note-taking app on Android. It syncs everything to the cloud, has a desktop app, and is known for its excellent note taking features.

Users of Android devices are often very involved with their digital lives, from keeping track of their travels and appointments via Google Calendar and email, to using OneNote for taking notes and syncing them across devices.

OneNote is one of the most well-known note-taking programs. The business hasn’t added many new features over the years, and it now seems obsolete in comparison to its competitors. If you’re looking for an alternative to OneNote, keep reading to learn about the five best OneNote replacements for Android.

OneNote is still an essential part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. For a long time, though, the business hasn’t added new features or improved the UI. The competition advances with a modular approach, models, and improved organization, among other things. So, let’s speak about these Android OneNote alternatives.

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Listen to us before closing Evernote and moving on to the next idea. Evernote 2021 is a far cry from what we had only a few years ago. Last year, the firm cleaned up the mess and released a fresh new Evernote for Android.

The user interface is modern and consistent across platforms. Evernote’s traditional strengths of tag structure and powerful search remain unchanged.

Evernote’s text editor has been updated with a multi-colored highlighter, new fonts, checkboxes, and more in the newest version. The new drag-and-drop interface, inspired by Notion, is fantastic.

You can drag and drop things in a note to rearrange and organize them. Evernote Home is a useful add-on that keeps all of your commonly used notes, tags, and notebooks in one place.

Support for offline laptops, the option to scan documents with Evernote scan, picture search, and more are among the other features.

Premium features such as offline laptops, multi-device compatibility, a monthly download limit of 10GB, and more are available for $70 per year.

Evernote on Android is available for download.


One of the finest OneNote replacements is Google Keep, which comes pre-installed on all Android devices. With a redesigned user interface, additional functionality, and close interaction with other Google services, Google continues to enhance the product.

The default user interface will appeal to you. The app, unsurprisingly, utilizes Google’s Material Theme 2.0 design language and performs much better on a tiny screen than its competitors.

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Google Keep has a label that is comparable to Evernote tags for organizing. The color choices in the offer are fantastic. It’s quick and easy to spot among hundreds of other sounds.

Users may add pictures, drawings, checkboxes, and recordings to their Keep notes while modifying them. Sharing is also a good idea. Changes to a note may be made by all of your shared contacts, and you can view the changes in real time. Google maintains that it is completely free.

Google Keep for Android is available for download.


Simplenote, a note-taking system created by WordPress developers, offers a simple but effective approach to note-taking. To locate the notes you’re searching for, you may use several tags.

Simplenote is one of the few note-taking applications that supports Markdown natively. If you’re looking for a OneNote replacement, your quest is over.

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We like how the app provides comprehensive note information, such as the date and time the note was created/modified, the amount of words, and the number of characters. You may look up your note history and restore an earlier draft at any moment.

Simplenote is a free application that can be downloaded and used. It may be downloaded for free on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Simplenote for Android is available for download.


Zoho Notebook may be the best option for you. It seems to be similar to Google Keep at first sight. You’ll only be able to view all of the advanced features if you delve a little further.

A note may include a bulleted list, a numeric list, a checklist, a table, a quotation, a calendar date and time, and more. Zoho provides a number of options for keeping track of your notes. To easily retrieve your notes, you may use tags or use the Favorites option.

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The export choices are really useful. You may save a note as a PDF file and secure it with a password. The callback function is also supported by Zoho.

With a new interface that is more in line with current design trends, things will become interesting. Zoho Notebook is a totally free app.

Zoho Notebook for Android is available for download.


Nimbus is another another long-standing note-taking app. It offers one of the finest user interfaces and user experiences of any Android note-taking software. For easier access, all important choices are buried at the bottom.

You may arrange your notes and create different workspaces. You may also create a folder and put all of your important notes in it. Nimbus enables you to add checkboxes, pictures, files, separators, quotations, and more to your notes. It is much superior than anything else available.

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You may also add a reminder to a note in Nimbus. Users may utilize the Google Maps connection to add their current position to a message, which we enjoy. It’s helpful for people who keep a journal in Nimbus.

Color tags, the option to encrypt notes, sophisticated search, task management, and more are among the other features.

A pro edition of Nimbus is available for $ 50 per year. Premium features include picture text search, document text search, business card recognition, priority assistance, and more.

Nimbus is an Android app that you may download.

You’ve discovered an alternative to OneNote for Android.

Microsoft’s OneNote continues to dominate the note-taking market in the lack of new consumer-centric features. Choose the ideal note-taking software for you from the list of the top OneNote replacements for Android above. We’re divided between Evernote and Google Keep for the most part. What about you? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Having to rely on pen and paper to record all your meetings, notes and ideas is a pain. You can use a tablet to capture all that information, but if you’re a heavy OneNote user, you know that it’s a small device and the battery dies quickly. So, if you’re looking for something similar to OneNote, and you’re a heavy OneNote user, check out these 5 alternatives to OneNote for Android.. Read more about alternatives to onenote for ipad and let us know what you think.

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What is a good replacement for OneNote?

Microsoft OneNote is a program that can be used to create, edit, and share notes. It is a very powerful tool for students and professionals alike.

Which is the best notes app for Android?

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Is there a Google alternative to OneNote?

I am not sure what you mean by Google alternative to OneNote but if you are asking whether there is a free and open source software that can be used for note taking, then the answer would be yes.

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