The 5 best Android shortcut apps for quick access to everything

If you use your smartphone for anything, you’re probably familiar with the native apps that come with the device. From your camera to your messaging app, most have one or more dedicated shortcut keys that can come in handy. But don’t just limit your use of these key-commands to the apps themselves. You can also use them to access other apps that you might not be using all the time, but still need.

If you’re a phone fanatic, you know that Android has some killer shortcuts that save you time on your mobile device. Here are the 5 best Android shortcut apps for quick access to everything .

There are a lot of great Android shortcut apps out there. If you haven’t already, you should check them out. They make your phone so much easier to use. But sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you need to quickly gather some information and find your way back to your home screen.. Read more about ios shortcuts for android and let us know what you think.

These little shortcut applications make it simple to access settings, apps, and functions on your Android phone from anywhere.

The extremely limited options for changing the notification taskbar and app arrangement may be tedious for many smartphone users. Many phone manufacturers include your most-used utilities, such as your flashlight, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons, and power saving mode, on the notification taskbar.

But what about the applications you’ve downloaded and use on a regular basis? It may be very beneficial to have quick access to these applications or even web sites that you often visit. Many of these Android shortcut applications allow you to access your most frequently used apps more quickly and even without leaving the app you’re presently using.

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Take a look at five of the finest Android shortcut applications available right now.

1. Shortcuts creator

Shortcut Maker is an excellent tool for creating unique shortcuts to your favorite Android applications, as well as connections to websites, files, and phone settings. While you won’t be able to use these shortcuts from elsewhere on your device, it’s good to know that you can make one for almost any app you use often.

You may also change the icon for your shortcut. You may modify the icon’s form, add a custom picture from your gallery, and edit the text beneath the shortcut.

The only in-app purchases in this app are developer contributions, which are voluntary. Although you are not required to purchase anything in order to use the app’s functions, contributions are always welcomed by the creators.

Shortcut Maker for Android is available for download (Free in-app purchases available)

Shortcutter 2

Shortcutter - Quick Settings, Shortcuts & Widgets

Shortcutter - Quick Settings, Shortcuts & Widgets

Shortcutter is a useful software that allows you to access your Android device’s phone settings and custom app shortcuts in two ways.

To begin with, you may use it as a floating shortcut overlay that appears on top of any app you open on your Android phone; there will be an icon that you must touch to access the menu, but it will always be visible.

You may also create a side menu, which is my favorite approach and what is seen above. You may access the sidebar menu by swiping up when you need it; otherwise, it will be hidden from view.

You get four free custom tiles to experiment with, as well as a slew of commonly used phone settings. Apps, connections to websites, and even phone numbers or text messages for a particular individual may all be found on these customized tiles. You may subscribe to the premium version for $ 1.99 if you want more unique tiles and a ton of other interesting features.

Download : Android Shortcut (free and premium version available)

3. Taskbar for notifications

Taskbar notification

Taskbar notification

Another helpful method to always have your frequently used applications at your fingertips is to utilize the Notification Taskbar app. This Android app will only enable you to create shortcuts to other applications that you use often, not unique website URLs or anything else.

You may connect a row of four to six applications to your swipe-down notification taskbar, depending on your preferences. While this doesn’t leave you with a lot of room to work, many of us just use a few applications.

And, since it’s such a basic program, even while it’s operating in the background, it won’t drain your battery much. This software is also extremely simple to use, so if you are scared of technology, the Notification Taskbar app is the tool for you.

Android notification tasks have been turned off (free)

4. Assistive Touch is a kind of touch that is used to help people.

Assistance button for Android

Assistance button for Android

If you always want to be able to view your shortcuts hub on top of all your applications, Assistive Touch is another excellent floating shortcut solution for Android. A light gray square icon with a white circle in the center, similar to the Assistive Touch app symbol, will appear. Your context menu will display when you click on it.

When you initially touch the gray square icon, you may change the appearance of your first menu. Then you may personalize it even further. In the Assistive Touch settings, I added nine applications to my Favorites menu. Now, when I open my menu and choose the Favorites icon, a menu of my nine personalized applications appears for quick access.

The sole in-app purchase is the removal of advertising, which may be done on a monthly or yearly basis.

Assistive Touch for Android is available for download (Free, subscription available)

Mi Control Center No. 5

Mi Control Center Custom Notifications

Mi Control Center Custom Notifications

Try the Mi Control Center app if you don’t like the Control Center that comes with your phone. It’s a sleek and contemporary control panel that you can simply personalize.

What’s more, it doesn’t totally replace your notification bar, which is fantastic. Instead, you may access your notification bar by swiping down on the left side of the screen, and your Control Center by swiping down on the right side. Plus, if you wish to utilize both, it works smoothly with the Notification Taskbar app!

You may alter the appearance of your control center and the major settings applications that appear. So, if you seldom use Airplane Mode, you may replace it with something more helpful, such as a screenshot button or your clock.

Mi Control Center for Android is available for download (Free, subscription available)

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Like a pro, use Android.

You will save time, trouble, and the risk of being sidetracked and forgetting which program you were going to launch by utilizing a shortcut app to access your frequently used applications and web sites. While you may not be readily sidetracked while returning to your homepage to launch an app, I am.

If you’re easily distracted, having your applications organized on your homepage may help, but so can using a shortcut app. And, with so many excellent shortcut applications at your disposal, why not utilize one or two?

Make use of the file system on your phone as well. Many of us overlook or forget that cellphones, like desktop computers, have file systems, and making the most of them is in your best advantage.

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Android is the largest mobile operating system, it is used by millions of people around the world. What if you need to quickly access something? With over 1,000,000 apps on the Google Play Store, it can be difficult to find the app you are looking for. We have put together this list of the 5 best Android shortcut apps for quick access to everything.. Read more about android shortcuts and let us know what you think.

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