The 8 Best Ways to Fix Microsoft Teams Screen Sharing Not Working on Windows 10

There are many ways to fix Microsoft Teams screen sharing not working on Windows 10, but here are 8 of the most effective.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that helps you to communicate securely with your team members, located in any location, even if they are across the globe. Microsoft Teams allows you to share your screen and make calls to other Microsoft Teams users, share documents, and more. Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to troubleshoot the screen sharing on your computer to make it work. Here are 8 step-by-step guides that can help you fix screen-sharing issues on your PC when they occur.

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool that allows users to share one-on-one chats and hold group conversations with up to 25 people. Microsoft Teams screen sharing, however, is not working for some users. The screen sharing feature can be turned on in the Office 365 admin center, but not all users are able to successfully join the meetings when they are not on the same network.. Read more about microsoft teams unable to see shared screen android and let us know what you think.

Microsoft Teams’ fantasy run in the corporate market continues. With new features and functionalities, the business increases its Microsoft staff. Screen sharing is perhaps one of the most helpful add-ons for displaying material to other participants among them. Please see the instructions below if you’re experiencing difficulty sharing your screen on Microsoft Teams.

Administrators and instructors who want to demonstrate their display settings to other participants of the call may use screen sharing. You may also utilize the Microsoft Teams-integrated chalkboard to gather ideas and thoughts.

If screen sharing in Microsoft Teams isn’t functioning, you’ll have to look for alternatives, which will decrease team productivity. Fortunately, if your screen sharing on Microsoft Teams isn’t functioning, you can easily repair it. To learn how, read together.


In screen sharing mode, you virtually share your PC screen with other users during video chats. It may seem easy in principle, but perfect background effects need fast internet connections.

You may check your internet speed statistics by going to or using programs like Speetest. Consider upgrading to 5.0 GHz if your Windows 10 PC or laptop is linked to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network for improved connectivity and performance.


If you’re sharing your screen in Microsoft Teams and a third-party program or web browser tab is downloading or streaming big files over the internet, you might consider pausing the download.

You won’t have any problems if you make sure Microsoft Teams has enough bandwidth to utilize during lengthy video sessions.


This is true for PCs and laptops with little RAM. When there are too many applications and task processes operating in the background, Microsoft Teams and its capabilities, such as screen sharing, are hampered.

To close background applications and tasks, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Type Task Manager into the Windows search box.

Step 2: click enter to launch the app.

Step 3: If you see an app or process using too much CPU, click on it and choose End Task at the bottom.

If you experience frequent problems with Microsoft Teams, make it a habit to check in before a crucial meeting.


If you’re using Microsoft Teams on the web, you’ll need Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Consider updating to Chrome or Edge instead of Firefox or Vivaldi for a more smooth screen sharing experience in Microsoft Teams.


How to use Google Meet to share your screen and other helpful hints

During Microsoft Teams video conferences, participants may also share their screen. But first, you’ll need to ask your admin for permission to use the Meetings features in the Microsoft Teams app.

You will not be able to share your screen in group meetings until you have this.

In Microsoft Teams, here’s how to provide the right permissions for screen sharing.

Step 1: Click the three-dot menu in the menu bar above during a call.

The second step is to choose your meeting choices.

Step 3: Select Everyone under the “Who may skip the lobby” option.

During a presentation, all Teams call participants may now share their screen. This is particularly helpful in the education sector, as instructors may invite students to give presentations through Microsoft Teams.


What to do about red lines on the monitor screen?

This is linked to the fact that Microsoft Teams performs effectively in low-bandwidth environments. You may try sharing your screen in Microsoft Teams again after lowering your screen resolution.

When working with a 4K monitor in Windows 10, this is very helpful. Microsoft Teams should transmit 4K material through screen sharing by default. On the Microsoft Teams app, you may decrease the screen resolution and lessen the burden. Here’s how to go about it.

Step 1: On Windows 10, press Windows + I to launch the Settings app.

2nd step: go to System> Display> Screen resolution.

Step 3: Choose a low-resolution screen and restart your computer.

Open Microsoft Teams and attempt to share your screen again.


On a Windows 10 computer, how do you clear the cache?

When Windows 10 collects too much cache, it may interfere with Microsoft Teams’ functionality. On Windows 10, here’s how to clear the Microsoft Teams cache.

Step 1: on Windows 10, shut the Microsoft Teams app entirely.

Step 2: Press Windows + R to bring up the Run menu.

Step 3: In the box, enter percent appdata percent Microsoft Teams and click Enter.

Step 4: Navigate to the folder containing the Teams files in File Explorer.

Step 5: Select all of them and remove them from your computer.

Restart your computer and give Microsoft Teams a go.


When Microsoft Teams alerts don’t function on Windows 10, there are three options.

It’s possible that your device’s Microsoft Teams screen sharing isn’t functioning because of an older version. The software giant updates the app on a regular basis to add new features and repair problems.

Check for updates by opening the Microsoft Teams app and clicking the three-dot option in the navigation bar. Install the most recent version on your device and begin sharing your screen during group meetings.


With new features like gallery view, workgroups, and more, Microsoft Teams is always improving. It soon became an important component of our home-based configuration work.

During video conferencing, screen sharing is critical for delivering a message. If you follow the instructions above, you can quickly repair screen sharing on Microsoft Teams that isn’t functioning.

Microsoft Teams was designed to be a chat tool, rather than a team collaboration platform, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a great addition to your office environment. To start, Microsoft Teams screen sharing is a great way to have deeper team meetings, without having to go back and forth between separate screens. In fact, the more users who are using the app, the higher the quality of the video image, as well as the audio.. Read more about microsoft teams presentation not showing and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not seeing shared screen on teams?

The only way to share a screen is by using the share controller option.

How do I repair Microsoft Teams in Windows 10?

Microsoft Teams is not supported on Windows 10.

Why is teams not working on Windows 10?

Teams is not currently working on Windows 10.

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