The Adepti Seekers Stove

Teyvat’s world has so much to offer that players can embark on their next whirlwind adventure or complete a new quest. The cooking system, like its contemporaries, is one of Genshin Impact‘s most thoroughly researched aspects. However, Flaming Essential Oil can be made with plA frog and Flaming Flower Stamen. Crystal cores, on the other hand, must be obtained by catching Crystalflies in areas where these insects are abundant. In Liyue, players can find between 5 and 11 Crystalflies in a few different locations.

These nodules can be discovered by searching for iron chunks in caves, mines, and near mountain terrains. If you use heavy attacks, they will drop faster, but their respawn rate is around 24 hours. If you don’t want to harvest iron chunks, two vendors sell them for around 120 Mora; however, if you do, check in with them every three days.

The Adepti Seeker’s Stove makes it less of a chore and more of a convenience, as it can be used anywhere and at any time as long as no enemies are present.

What is the Adepti Seeker’s Stove?

This item is a craftable (and portable) cooking device that allows players to cook wherever they want. This eliminates the stress of trying to find a suitable cooking stove or using one for cooking. The Adepti Seeker’s Stove in your inventory means players won’t have to keep looking for healing items when their health is dwindling, so it’s a useful item.

Where to acquire the blueprint for the Adepti Seeker’s Stove?

To obtain the Adepti Seeker’s Stove, players must first reach level 5 reputation in Liyue in order to obtain the stove’s crafting blueprint. Players must complete various bounties and requests throughout the reputation board region in Liyue Harbour to reach level 5 reputation. Players will receive the blueprint as a reward for completing them.

Take the blueprints to a blacksmith, who will make the stove for you. If you have all of the necessary resources, the blacksmith can make the stove right away; however, if you don’t, you’ll need to gather the following.

  • Essential Oil X1 Flaming
  • Crystal Core X2
  • Iron Chunk X2

How to use the Adepti Seeker’s Stove?

Once you’ve found a good spot to put the stove, pull up one of the recipes you want to try, double-check that you have all of the ingredients, and start cooking. After 300 seconds (five minutes if you’re keeping track), the stove will disappear from the ground or surface where it was placed.

Keep in mind that the stove is only for cooking and does not provide heat or warmth in the same way that other stoves in the game do. The stove will be destroyed if you place it down in a nearby combat zone, so be aware of your surroundings before setting it down to enjoy cooking a fantastic and delicious meal anywhere and at any time.

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