The Apex Legends Major Rampart Buff

Apex Legends Shrugtal discovered that there is a Rampart buff hidden in battle royale game files. This, if it were implemented, will undoubtedly rock up the meta.

Rampart is yet to have an impact in battle royale since she was introduced in Season 6 Apex Legends.

The strength and originality of the Sheila Turret and its Amped Cover barricades has meant that the Amped Modder is always on the fringe due to their natural defensive nature. This trend continued in Season 12 with her picking rate of 1.5 percent. She is now 20th out of twenty legends.

She could see a significant strengthening after some Season 10 buffs if leaked files are discovered.

Multiple Rampart buffs are found in game files according to Shrugtal, a veteran leaker, however they did not make the latest update.

Rampart would be greatly benefited by the buff if the leaker is correct. This includes a boost in her Amped Cover Tactical.

There were rumors that April 1 was Shrugtal’s prank. However, based upon the shared code of the game, it seems to have been in the games folders and unreleased at the time this article was published.

Although it’s not clear when or if Respawn will release this buff, it would provide a major boost to one of the most hated characters in the BR.

According to rumours, Season 13 will be released in the early-to mid May. It could be an April Fool’s gag, but we are the ones being played.

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