The Emo Logan Paul Meme

Logan Paul is a master at making viral videos on the Internet. The YouTube star Logan Paul has been an integral part of social media since the birth of Vines. Paul’s popularity has exploded since his first Vines. He has become a viral sensation on YouTube. Paul then moved to YouTube where he became a YouTuber, and social media celebrity.

But, it’s not impossible for him to go viral, even if it isn’t his fault. Emo Logan Paul was one such instance. A 2017 photo showing an Emo man wearing a facial structure very similar to Logan Paul’s was viral.

Emo, for those not familiar with the term, refers to an individual style or musical preference that appeals to certain people. Women and men who identify as Emo wear lots of jewelry and have dark hair. For Emos, the grungy or dark appearance suits them well.

Logan Paul spoke out about the mockery he received from the internet, his friends and the Internet. He used the meme to say that “all my boys are making fun at me for my nupple”, but he had an idea. Let’s see who is laughing right now. We’ve all seen these memes. But the viral photo of the emo-man is not actually me.

He made content out of it, in typical Logan “The Maverick” Paul style. Paul hired a makeup artist to do a complete emo makeover.

Paul shared his transformation with his followers on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Many of his followers thought Paul’s transformation was funny, but others found it shocking and alarming. It’s encouraging to see that the YouTuber-turned-boxer can take a joke and run with it. Paul rose to prominence in the entertainment and social media worlds because he made the most of these opportunities.

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