The Epic Games Zero Build Tournaments

Twitch Rivals is known for their high-quality production, so you know this is going to be epic!

With the release of Fortnite Zero Build earlier today, we learned that Fortnite’s fan-favorite No-Building mode would become a permanent fixture. Many players were ecstatic to hear this news, as they had been enjoying the game more than ever in the previous week.

Epic Games has now announced a new series of Zero Build tournaments in collaboration with Twitch Rivals, taking things even further.

Creator Series ft. The Twitch Rivals Fortnite Zero Build will feature some of Fortnite’s most popular streamers, with a total prize pool of $450,000 across all events.

On the 2nd and 3rd of April, an invitation-only Zero Build event kicks off the action. Participants will come from Europe, North America, and Latin America, with each region competing for a piece of the $100,000 prize pool.

On the official Twitch Rivals Twitch channel, you’ll be able to watch all of the action unfold live.

Following that, five Fortnite creators host their own Zero Build tournaments, each with its own unique format and $10,000 prize pool. Alixxa, Pgod, Nick Eh 30, and Sommerset have all confirmed their participation, with a special mystery guest set to appear in May.

Finally, in the Grand Finals, a group of “current legends and new names” will compete. Another $100,000 will be up for grabs, and thanks to the official broadcast, you won’t miss a beat.

It’s exciting to see Epic experimenting with Zero Build tournaments in a way that sets them apart from the standard competitive offerings. Hopefully, this will attract a whole new audience, and some of them will be interested in learning more about Fortnite esports.

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