The Escape From Tarkov’s Kappa Container

Escape From Tarkov‘s latest 0.12.12 update was without a doubt one of the best. The game has gotten a big update with a lot of new features that everyone is excited about. But what exactly is the point of playing Escape From Tarkov? Of course, you want to get your hands on the Secure Kappa Container, which is the most valuable item. This container has 12 slots, three more than the Gamma container from Edge of Darkness.

Battlestate Games, the creators of Escape From Tarkov, have decided to lower the requirements for obtaining the Kappa Container after a difficult season. Unlike the previous requirement of level 71, the Secure Kappa Container is now only available at level 62.

Not only that but there have also been some other changes but to those who achieve the said goal and complete Fence’s Collector quest will receive a new and distinctive “Deadskul” Armband.

So far, only a few players have received a Kappa Container, indicating that their PMCs have already reached level 62.

  1. 404_HuangYE is streaming on the Chinese streaming service, Douyu.
  2. Viibiin who first o to complete the Collector quest and get Kappa, and
  3. ThaTAce__, is the second one on Twitch but first in the EU region to get Kappa.

These streamers have the honor and privilege of donning the Deadskul Armband, which is one-of-a-kind until others complete the Kappa quest. I strongly encourage you to check out their channels and perhaps learn something new while you’re there.

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