The First Pansexual Astronaut Spaceflight Cosplay

Cameron Bess launched into space on the Blue Origin NS19 rocket in December 2021. He has now revealed his unusual hobby, in which he dresses up as a ‘furry’ with a group of other people online.

The man who recently claimed to be the first pansexual in space has shared the story of his unusual ‘furry’ interest after an 11-minute trip outside of Earth.

Cameron Bess AKA Meeps Kitten is well known for his huge purple and blue cat who streams himself playing video games and chatting with fans on Twitch. He and five other astronauts boarded the Blue Origin NS19 spacecraft on December 11, 2021, claiming to be the first pansexuals to leave the Earth’s atmosphere and revealed his unusual interest in dressing up as an animal on the PornHub podcast.

The United States content creator recently explained that the ‘furry’ community is made up of people who enjoy “anthropomorphic animals,” which are cartoonish animals with human characteristics. Cameron’s alter ego, Meep is a six-foot-tall cat-like figure who is an exaggerated version of himself.

Cameron acknowledged recently that there’s lots of porn online that is furry, but estimated that only half of the furry community would be interested, preferring to think of it as a lifestyle rather than a fetish.

Despite this, Cameron recently revealed that being a part of the furry community had allowed him to meet his current boyfriend, with whom he is in an open relationship when asked if he was into furries.

Cameron, a self-described furry who also identifies as pansexual, took a pansexuality pride flag to space, along with a hand paw from his Meep fursuit, and explained that, despite the flight’s short duration, he hopes to have broken boundaries for both communities.

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