The Game Pokimane Wants To Live In

Popular Female Twitch streamer Imane Anys AKA Pokimane is known for her frequent room tours and for always sharing to her fans an intimate look at the space that she calls home. Fans and followers are granted to see the extensive looks of her space decors she uses to brighten her living space. She also shared where she put her awards as a prominent steamer and gaming setups.

The high-end gaming rig that Pokimane uses as a professional streamer is her gateway to the online world in which she spends her time and stream her gaming sessions to her millions of fans and followers. Pokimane is known for streaming a variety of video games such as Fortitem, League of Legends, and Valorant.

Recently, Pokimane was recently asked during her exclusive interview asking which game she prefers and would like to live in and she responds saying that she would be the happiest if she lives in Pokemon and said that she would love to wake up in a world she see animals and pets who is part of her team and fight bad guys together. She also added that living in the world of Pokemon would allow her to forget connections with its colorful characters.

She was also asked what video game would fit her the best and answered ‘Animal Crossing’ and explained that, that is the game that she felt she actually belonged in and living in it seems like leading a good life.

Pokimane made an appearance in a film called ‘Free Guy’ who’s main character isRyan Reynolds.


Pokimane is a female game streaming sensation known for her frequent tours of her home and sharing an intimate view of her space to her fans. She shares where she has awards, gaming setups, and high-end gaming rig. She prefers Animal Crossing and Pokemon over the other games that she streams.

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