The housewives have had enough of Nonku’s drink

The last episode of The Real Housewives of DurbanRHODurban) settle the uneasy relationship between LaConco and Thobile. Both women felt they should sit down and have a one-on-one to get to know each other better.

In a previous episode of The RHODurbanLaConco told Londie and Mabusi that she had previously met Thobile while visiting her boyfriend in Mbuba, who turned out to be Thobike’s sister wife.

LaConco told how she had met Thobile again after their first meeting, where she was cold to her and pretended they had never met and that she didn’t know her at all.

During the lunch meeting, LaConco brought up the matter, but Thobile said she doesn’t remember the incident and therefore can’t even defend herself because she doesn’t remember the details of that particular day.

During Thobile’s interview, she had her suspicions that she and LaConco don’t have a vibe. She made it clear that it wouldn’t be a problem for her because LaConco is her sister’s wife’s girlfriend and not her friend.

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Londie, Annie and Jojo also had their own band, where they met for drinks to discuss the Halloween party hosted by Sorisha in the previous episode of the reality TV show.

The hot topic of their discussion was Nonku, and her behavior after she had a little too much to drink.

The girls noticed that Nonku has been drinking excessively at their events lately, and that when she’s drunk, she tends to offend people with her feelings and opinions.

Before the cocktail date ended, Londie agreed to meet Nonku for a private chat with her, trying to figure out what might be the problem with Nonku and why she’s gotten into the habit of drinking excessively.

Shortly after the cocktail date, Jojo hosted Londie and Nonku at her home, where the two had an intervention with Nonku and raised the issue that she is always drunk when all the ladies meet for an event.

Nonku was furious and offended by their accusations. She then boldly claimed that she never got drunk and shared how she felt attacked by Londie and Jojo.

During the intervention at Jojo’s house, Sorisha and Vivian invited Thobile and Musa to a couples dinner, where the four of them bonded and got to know each other.

The evening took an interesting turn when Thobile and Musa were offered some wine, and Thobile made it clear that her husband does not drink alcohol. But Musa decided to drink a glass of wine anyway, because he felt that “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Vivian was kind enough to show Musa how to properly enjoy a glass of wine, and after following Vivian’s thorough instructions, he finally took a sip, leading to him making a face that gave the impression that he was not a fan of the drink.

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