The Last Kingdom producers are discussing ending the series well

The fifth and final season of The Last Kingdom coming to Netflix this week! The streamer has released images, trailers and extensive interviews with the crew and cast. We’ve collected some interviews with the crew below, so you can read it and get excited.

The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom Season 5

Executive producer Nigel Marchant says: The Last Kingdom movie stands alone

How did season 4 lag behind:

We left season 4 with Edward and with the help of Uhtred we recaptured Winchester. Uhtred creature
asked and assigned to raise and care for Aethelstan – Edward’s illegitimate son
and train him as a warrior. We leave Brida at her lowest point after being betrayed by
Sigtryggr and Haesten, she swears absolute revenge on Uhtred. While Uhtred is fundamental
to help Edward reclaim Winchester and, inevitably, the throne.

What is Uhtred’s journey in season 5?

In Season 5, we look at the two different central themes that run through the books and
Uhtred’s TV show and his own fate, his own quest to reclaim Bebbanburg, are
parental house. The first is the inner conflict between him, as he sees it, because he is both Dane
and a Saxon and then the second about forging the separate kingdoms to become England.
We see the change from the beginning of the series, the last kingdom is Winchester and
Wessex, everywhere else was overtaken by Danes. We then have both Mercia and Wessex
sworn, and Northumbria is the last kingdom still under the rule of

About the new characters in Season 5:

We discover Aethelstan, whom we met as a young boy in Season 4, now on the eve of
maturity. And he becomes a much more central figure. We also have Constantin who is the
Scottish King, and the new character of Father Benedict, a well-traveled priest, who arrives
led by Aethelflaed to try to maintain law and order in Rumcofa, where Uhtred and
Aethelstan protects the border and leads an easy life. He is a good man, but in a difficult one
position, and is used to collect information for Aethelhelm. Aethelhelm is afraid of
what right Aethelstan might have to the throne. As such, he tries to support his own
grandson and becomes much more cunning over the course of the series to protect his own
inheritance, through his grandson.

We also have a new character called Eadgifu, who hails from Kent. A lady there, her
land is taken, she comes to court, and we begin to see the complexity of her emotion and…
Edward gets together. She becomes a real voice of reason for Edward to talk to.

About Alexander directing:

We were very happy that Alex directed an episode, especially last season he had one
interested in going that way. It’s always incredibly hard for an actor to then direct
themselves and find the time to direct an episode. He is a protagonist, and although it is an ensemble,
he is in everything. So trying to find space to do two jobs is always tricky, but episode two
felt like the right place. He had the right prep time to work on the episode, tear it down, and he did a great job. It was wonderful to be able to do that, to allow him to direct, and he
did a really good job.

What do you think of the making of the final season and the movie:

Pretty early when we spoke to Netflix about season 5, season 4 was clearly done
very good, and we were very happy that it was in the top 10. In terms of season 5 we felt this one
two central parts of the story came together and it was the natural point to end
the TV series. Throughout the five seasons there was a very clear beginning, middle and end. So
it was a group decision we came to. However, we did know that there were still a few books
(so as not to spoil anything!) in line with where we get to at the end of Season 5. So we did
start talking to Netflix pretty early about whether we could see that jigsaw puzzle ending piece, so
that it would feel complete. And it was felt that the movie version was the right format to do
Which. Season 5 feels like the end of the TV series, and the movie will hold up for much longer
alone. It will be an extra treat for the fans of the TV series, but you could also watch it as
you’ve never seen the TV show.

About the filming of the movie:

We couldn’t be happier that Netflix has allowed us to come back and record this movie
version and to reunite with so many friends, both among the cast and crew. We started at
Carnival developed the show ten years ago, we’ve been filming for eight years and just about
finish it in such a special way, we are all very grateful that we got to do that

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