The Mob Accused of Online “Harassment”

Twitch disputes seem to not be a problem for Alinity. Although the uproar around the rounds seems to be centered on childish secondary school shenanigans and sometimes there are many advantages to the Twitch player, There are many taunts and sometimes emotions get hurt via social media sites. But they usually end in disaster. Alinity is now involved in a dispute that involves a streamer who stands up to the abuse of 100 Thieves Content Producer Squad The Gang.

Alinity may raise some of her conflicts, but the Mob in this instance is completely out of control because it’s OK to name them. Accepting that toxicity is horrible is not the same as condemning past, present and future toxic behavior. It is therefore a poor idea to try to eliminate more toxic behavior, no matter who they are.

To address the issue of online toxicity, especially in regards to viewing and gaming, there is still much to do. Customers are bringing about hatred at an alarming rate. Influencers should be more sensitive to prevent their fans from engaging in toxic behavior and encourage charitable fundraising.

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