The Mordhau Game – A Brief Summary

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Mordhau, a P2P multiplayer melee that focuses primarily on close-combat slasher combat fighting games set in medieval times, was released April 29, 2019. Triternion, an independent company from the Unreal Engine 4, developed it. It is named after the German medieval fighting style Mordhau. This involved holding the sword upside down by the blade to make blunt force attacks. Although it’s PEGI 12, the language, violence and voice-chat of older players make this a difficult game for parents. You can purchase it through Steam, or on the official Mordhauwebsite.

Mordhau Gameplay

While the Mordhaugame currently is a fps-based game, the developers are still working to make a third-person view that won’t give tps gamers an edge over fps. There are no rules regarding damage. Damage is not simply displayed by the health bar, but it can also be visually expressed. Players will be able to see their enemies’ bodies flying, blood streaming out of the wounds and the corpses scattered around the battlefield until the end. If the blood is too intense for players, they can choose to disable it.

Developers have said that skill-based matchmaking is not something they plan to do. They want combat to feel as organic and brutal as possible. There is also no equivalent to battle bus. Instead, players will spawn randomly and they can run or jump to defend themselves while others wait for them to appear.


There are many abilities and attacks that can be controlled using key-bindings. However, the direction and direction of primary and secondary attacks, as well as parry ability, are determined by the direction the mouse moves. This means that the direction the mouse is moving determines the attack’s direct or block. Blocks can be kept for only a short time so it is important to plan your parry attacks well. Players can modify their attacks during combat to keep the fighting as real as possible.

Cancellations can be made before an attack is fully committed. This gives players the opportunity to fool their opponents and open them to parrying. Toggling between attacks can allow players to transform one into the other, which may help throw off their opponent’s timing.

  • Controls

    These are the basic attacks that require mouse control:

    • Left click The player can make a broad cut with their weapon. This is determined by the movement of the mouse before the button presses. This will decide whether the player performs a thrust from above, below, left, or right.
    • Scroll wheel This is the thrust attack. It is managed in the same manner as the cut’ attack.
    • Left mouse to initiate a parry. To be effective, this must be directed at the enemy’s weapon. You must also be precise in timing as these cannot be held long. Players should not be passive and parrying can drain stamina. Players who block the ball from an incorrect angle will be vulnerable to attack.

  • Key Controls

    Key-bindings can be set by players according to their preferences. Kicks are one of these abilities. Attacks and kicks cannot be used to block them.


Battle Royale

17-64 players race to locate equipment and weapons to take down their rivals until the last person standing.


Red and Blue is a 32-player mode that allows two teams of 64 players to compete for the land. The goal is to force your opponents to flee to your home base. This is either the end of the game or the death of one team.

Team Deathmatch

Battle Royale team-style.


Deathmatches based on the best-of-round.


It is a co-op game mode that allows six players to play together. Players must survive waves of attack by AI knights. Every wave becomes more skillful and more difficult to defeat. Your goal is to live as long as you can and beat the leaderboard’s high scores. Players will also earn gold for every kill.

Single Player

Online practice mode, where players play against bots, is closest to single-player mode.

They state that mods will be allowed, and it’s possible for community-created mods to appear in the future.


The Mordhaugame starts with nine character types that are specific to each class. The character is the main focus of customizations, but they also have the option to choose the type and weight of armor. Triternion has stated that the game only currently features European weaponry and armor, but they are open to considering adding Japanese cosmetics and weapons at a later stage. This will add chaos and confusion to the game. Players can choose which voice they want for their characters, in addition to appearances. You can choose from English accents or Scottish accents.


This game is about weapons. They have a huge impact on a player’s play style. Weapons have different damage ranges. Weapons with greater damage and ranges can inflict more damage. However, they are slower to react to the characters’ needs.

Some weapons are available from the beginning, but others are not accessible until they are unlocked. A wide range of custom weapons are currently available, including the Axe and Bow, Longsword and Shortswordswords, Spearswords, Halberds, Halberds, Zweihander.

Every weapon has an alternate attack ability. The longsword, for example, can be used to perform Mordhau attacks. You can do this by gripping your sword at the hilt, and then using the hilt to wield a blunt, heavy hammer-like weapon. Some weapons like spears or axes come with two sides. One side is better for spearing, and the other one for hacking. Shortswords, which are smaller weapons than axes and spears, can be used either traditionally or to throw at your opponents for mid-range attack. It is possible to magically return a weapon that has been thrown in this way, once it is mad contact.

Mordhau allows you to use shields or horses. Shields can slow down the character and add extra weight. You can find horses that will improve your speed and range. However, players must ensure they are equipped with the right weaponry.

You can experiment with a wide range of combinations as players have no limit on how many characters they can make. Players can also clone existing characters to make them more customizable.

Proficiency Trees

Players will earn points as they progress. These points can be used to upgrade their proficiency tree or unlock new capabilities and perks. This applies to armor and weaponry, so more powerful equipment and weapons will become available as players level up. There are many perks available to players of different classes that can enhance their gameplay.


In-game currency is gold. It can be used for new weapons and cosmetics. You can earn it by killing enemies or buying real-world currency. It is possible to unlock or buy an item and make it available for all characters.





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In the German school of swordsmanship, Mordhau, alternatively Mordstreich or Mordschlag (Ger., lit., “murder-stroke” or “murder-strike” or “murder-blow”), is a half-sword technique of holding the sword inverted, with both hands gripping the blade, and hitting the opponent with the pommel or crossguard.

First, don’t ever let them surround you. Second, don’t go purely defensive with constant parries – you’ll quickly die unless you chamber and counter with a more aggressive playstyle. Third, switch targets unpredictably. Chamber one, then use your counter-attack to damage another.28-May-2019

Their aim was simply to create something for Chivalry’s “tight-knit” competitive community, while building up development experience along the way. They wanted a melee game that was much alike Chivalry but more fun, more grounded, more readable to an onlooker.20-Jun-2019


An online multiplayer game released on Steam, called Mordhau, is focused on medieval combat that involves close-combat slasher style fighting set in a medieval times. It was developed by Triternion using Unreal Engine 4 and is rated PEGI 12. Current game mechanics focus primarily on FPS

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