The Ninja Suffered Under Great Pressure

Twitch star Tyler Blevins Aka Ninja has recently opened up about his struggles with the huge pressure on streaming on the platform that comes with modern internet fame.

Ninja is a popular American Twitch streamer, YouTuber and professional gamer. He has now become one of the most famous streamers around the world and he also was the most followed streamer on Twitch gaining more than 16.8 million followers.

He’s even taken his success mainstream, hosting events, appearing in movies, and more. Now, as he sits in an interview with The Cosmic Wonder together with fellow streamer Pokimane – who is the most followed female streamer on the platform, Ninja has opened up on one side of his Twitch streaming career he’s struggled with and that is the immense pressure.

He says he often struggles with the “huge pressure” that comes with his Twitch fame. Ninja revealed he’s always struggled to handle the pressure of his Twitch stardom, from his fledgling 2016 streams, to his popularity spike at the height of Fortnite’s worldwide fame, and even to now.

Here’s what he said; “There’s so much pressure. It always feels like, ‘don’t mess up’. There’s always that hovering over your head. It’s so taxing. Even when you grow, and you know you have a loyal audience, you’re actually at a stage where you have to keep them happy. There’s always something that adds even more of that work.”

Regardless, even though with all the pressures Twitch brings, Ninja claimed that he wouldn’t trade it in for the world as he added; “I understand the situation I am in. I’m grateful for everything that has happened, everything I have in my life right now. I am blessed.”


As of 2020 Ninja’s Net Worth is estimated to be approximately $15 million. This number is expected to grow steadily in the future as he gains more subscribers on YouTube and Twitch and wins more professional tournaments. He is regarded as one of the greats in the gaming community.

Net Worth: $25 Million
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Last Updated: 2021

30 years5 June 1991

Jessica Blevinsm. 2017

Ninja has severe eye trouble that’s led to surgery In 2020, Ninja revealed that he’s had multiple surgeries on his right eye through an Instagram post. Apparently, when he was streaming a lot of “Destiny,” NInja’s retina in his right eye detached, which led to multiple surgeries for cataracts.11-Aug-2021

Jessica Blevinsm. 2017


American Twitch streamer Tyler Blevins, known as Ninja, has recently opened up about his struggles and pressure of streaming on the platform. He revealed that he’s always struggled to handle the pressure of his Twitch fame, from his fledgling 2016 streams, to his popularity spike at the height of Fortn

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