The OfflineTV New Year Celebration

Even the top streamers got together to celebrate New Year’s Eve and had a good time in each other’s company and there are special guests who joined content creator groups like OTK and Offline TV to party and celebrate the new year countdown on stream. Here’s how everyone celebrated the arrival of the year 2022. 

Mizkif was surprised to discover Mia Malkova had visited the OTK house to celebrate New Year’s Eve with everyone while streaming on his Twitch channel. In the stream, Alinity, Zoil, Slick, Russel, Rich, Esfand, Connor, Emiru, and Cyr also appeared.

As they awaited the end of the new year countdown, all of the members of OTK gathered to have a good time and partake in the drinks.

The stream was extremely entertaining, with viewers laughing at the group’s antics. Mia was the star of the show, interacting with everyone and making them smile. There were also many hilarious moments, such as Mia engraving an “M” on the back of Rich’s head and Mizkif spilling drinks on Esfand’s Pokemon collection. The OTK crew partied until the countdown to the New Year 2022, after which everyone congratulated one another.

While Slick, Esfand, Alinity, and others went outside to crack crackers, Mizkif, Mia, Rich, and Zoil stayed on to wish their viewers before the stream ended.

Despite the fact that Offline TV’s members are still not completely separated, they got together to celebrate the new year’s countdown. Scarra, Yvonne, Valkyrae, and Kkatamina joined Disguised Toast in streaming Naruto with his fans until the new year countdown.

Lilypichu, on the other hand, was streaming online as the countdown to 2022 approached, and Michael, fuslie, and others joined her. To celebrate New Year’s Eve, all of the Offline TV members were chatting and drinking.

On the streams, fans were able to see some hilarious moments from Disguised Toast and Michael. After the year 2022 arrived, everyone hugged and wished their fans a happy new year before the streams ended.

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