The Quin69 in-game Glitches with Diablo Immortal

Quin69, a Twitch streamer, continued his Diablo Immortal quest. Things did not turn out as expected, with bugs that hampered content creator Quin69’s progress in Diablo Immortal.

While the content creator tried to navigate a dungeon in a stream recently, the game crashed several times and caused his character to slip through the floor. He had to restart the stream several times in order to get through it again.

Quin69 became annoyed when his character’s ability caused him to slip through the floors.

The controversial Blizzard Blizzard video game has been enjoyed by the World of Warcraft players since its launch. To spice up his stream content, he set up a “spend count” in order to keep track of how much he spent on microtransactions.

The streamer, who had spent NZD 10,000 on the purchase of Legendary Gems for five stars, celebrated that he didn’t get any Legendary gems. He had an unpleasant experience playing Diablo Immortal earlier today. He had been looking forward to finishing a quest which required him to traverse The Realm of Damnation.

Quin69’s character seemed to have fallen through the ground after loading into the Dungeon. He ended up in the game’s depths. This was the streamer’s hilarious response to Quin69’s strange interaction. The streamer tried to reset the character’s position with some abilities but it was futile. Instead, he teleported back to the entrance of the dungeon. The streamer resumed playing, but the glitch returned for the second.

He was not shy about ripping into the game.

To see if it was still glitching, he loaded the level once more. After triggering the glitch once again, the streamer plunged to the bottom for the third consecutive time.

Quin activated his character again and tried to cross the bridge one more time. He was able continue the game because the floor didn’t go out again.

The streamer’s video received more than 40 comments on r/LivestreamFail. Fans took the chance to mock the game by using

Quin69 loves Blizzard Entertainment and has played World of Warcraft over 5,800 times on his Twitch channel. In addition to playing multiplayer, Quin69 has played single-player games like Dark Souls 3 or Elden Ring.


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