The Reason Behind JiDion’s Permanent Ban

Twitch recently gave a popular Twitch streamer Jidion a permanent ban. Similarly, this permanent ban followed a 14-day suspension. This is a severe penalty for a well-known Twitch streamer who attracts viewers to the platform. As a result, you may be wondering why Jidion is being punished so severely. The main reason for his problems with Twitch is because of his raid attacks, as well as sexism and harassment directed at Pokimane, another well-known Twitch streamer.

Jidion has a personal resentment and dislike for Pokimane, based on all available information, including old tweets on Twitter. As a result, he has been inundating her live stream with hate and vitriol from his viewers.

Although he has stated that his hatred for her is based on her as a person rather than sexism, it is difficult to make direct assumptions. However, it is clear that the two streamers had a falling out.

While watching Jidion’s stream, his viewers were sent to raid Pokimane’s live stream of Valorant. As a result, he directed his viewers to watch and insulted her by spamming her chat with the phrase “L + ratio.” Pokimane’s stream was cut short due to the escalation of the hate raid. Twitch penalized him for 14 days as a result of his actions.

This penalty, however, was later upgraded to a more serious permanent ban from Twitch. As a result, Jidion will never be able to create or stream content on Twitch.

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