The Reason Tfue Stopped Playing Fortnite

During a recent Podcast interview with Brand Risk, Twitch star Turner Tenny aka Tfue went on to reveal the reason why he stopped playing Fortnite despite the title helped him rise into popularity.

Tfue has long been considered one of the best Fortnite players in the world which made his sudden departure from the game’s competitive scene all the more shocking.

As a streamer who owes much of his fame to his skill at that game, fans were wondering as to why he might have moved on to other games. Tfue is a popular streamer that got his big break while playing Fortnite thanks to his incredible skill at the title, however, after several years of playing the game, he eventually left it altogether, moving on to other battle royale titles like Call of Duty: Warzone and Fall Guys.

Now, during a recent interview with Brand Risk, Tfue revealed the real reason he quit Fortnite and it turns out the reason is rather simple one, and does not involve any sort of drama as he claimed that he felt burned out. In the podcast interview, Brand Risk asked Tfue why he quit playing Fortnite when he attained so much success and fame from the title in which Tfue immediately replied stating he felt burned out.

Tfue claimed that after two years of streaming Fortnite, he realized that he was feeling burned out. He did not play Fortnite because he enjoyed playing the title, he did so simply to produce content and maintain his viewership. But when he realized that he was no longer enjoying the game, he decided to quit Fortnite and explore other battle royale titles, such as Call of Duty and Fall Guys. Even though Tfue has garnered immense fame streaming other titles, there’s no doubt that he will always remain one of the OG Fortnite stars, and fans would love to see him back in the game sometime.


As expected, a maximum of fans were asking Clix if he’ll quit Fortnite. He finally broke silence on the matter and rejected the possibility of him ever quitting the game. “I’m not gonna quit Fortnite. Never!”04-Nov-2021

Cody “Clix” Conrod is a Fortnite esports player, currently player for NRG EsportsNRG NRG Esports is an American professional esports organization based in Los Angeles, California. It has rosters in Apex Legends, Clash Royale, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Fortnite, Gears of War, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Rocket League, Valorant, Speedrunning and a number of streamers on the internet platform Twitch. › wiki › NRG_EsportsNRG Esports – Wikipedia.NA.

Name Cody Conrod
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Country of Birth United States
Birthday January 7, 2005 (age 17)
Est. Net Worth $250,968

Cody Conrod

Many theorized as to what it would be, and most thought Clix was announcing his departure from NRG to join a different esports org. Sure enough, on Tuesday, Clix announced that his contract with NRG had ended.08-Mar-2022


Twitch star Turner Tenny aka Tfue revealed the reason why he stopped playing Fortnite – it was because he felt burned out and didn’t play Fortnite because he enjoyed playing the game, but to produce content and maintain his viewership.

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