The Return Of Twitch SUBchallenge

Twitch is bringing back the SUBchallenge, a multi-tiered gift incentive program for select streamers from the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

The incentive program was introduced by the streaming platform during its most recent Subtember, a subscription-discounting event. Creators who met their subscriber goals, which ranged from 100 to 5,000, were rewarded with specific gifts at the end of the month, depending on their final placement. The gifts ranged from a Twitch-branded fanny pack to a full streaming technology package.

The SUBchallenge, formerly known as the Subtember Subathon Challenge, was initially limited to 500 North American streamers. Twitch has expanded this program to select streamers from European countries outside of the Subtember event. 

Twitch has designated 100 partners from Italy, 150 from the United Kingdom, 150 from Spain, 300 from France, and 300 from Germany.

While the SUBchallenge is essentially the same program, the sub goal categories have changed slightly. Twitch listed the different tiers and sub goals on their official information page, which are the same for all countries except the United Kingdom, where euros are exchanged for pounds.

The SUBchallenge will begin on April 11th and conclude on April 24th. All participants will receive their prizes near the end of the month. Sign-ups are still open right now.



Twitch is hosting a special event for streamers in certain countries outside of the United States called the SUBChallenge. This challenge rewards creators who meet subscriber goals with gifts, including some Twitch-branded items. The SUBChallenge is being held from April 11th to April 24th and prizes are still

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