The ‘Sniper Elite 5’ Guernsey

Guernsey appears to be the inspiration for some of the new locations in Sniper Elite 5.

According to the Guernsey Press, in 2018, a team from the development studio Rebellion was sent to the island with guides from Festung Guernsey to view German bunkers. The rebellion was not just there to take pictures, according to project coordinator Paul Bourgaize.

According to Bourgaize, they were scanning radio equipment and Occupation relics in order to build up their library of equipment, as well as filming at locations and taking thousands of images to create 3D models.

He also mentioned that they scanned the Fort Hommet headland and showed us a 3D image of it, which was fascinating.

The team sent to Guernsey reportedly stated that they planned to use the island in Sniper Elite 5, and that they were on their way back when the COVID-19 pandemic caused complications.

The next installment in the Sniper Elite series is Sniper Elite 5 and Karl Fairburne is tasked with uncovering a Nazi’s secret project called Project Kraken in 1944 France in this title. As you fight across immersive maps to stop the Nazi war machine in its tracks, the genre-defining authentic sniping with enhanced kill cam has never looked or felt better, according to the synopsis.

The shooter will be released sometime this year for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and will include a campaign with PvP and co-op.

In other news, Escape From Tarkov’s newest enemies, the Rogues on Lighthouse, should be made easier, according to Twitch streamer Shroud, after players complained about their weapons being a little too accurate.

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