The Sodapoppin Chaos In GTA RP

Chance Morris, aka ‘Sodapoppin’ and a well-known Twitch streamer recently visited Los Santos in December 14. Morris decided to play a different role than usual and caused havoc by being a cat.

Sodapoppin has been a Twitch streamer for over a decade, and is considered to be one of the best in the industry. His sporadic streams and authenticity have earned him a large following.

His personality characteristic has permeated his streams. This includes his GTA RP broadcasts where he participates in roleplaying, especially in the NoPixel servers.

Kevin is a character that he has played before. This time, he is not just not portraying himself but also as an actual human.

Sodapoppin, looking for something to do with his friends at the end of his stream was searching for a game, decided to go back to NoPixel as a cat.

The conversation picked up after his friend Vigors, a prominent roleplayer on Discord, jumped on Discord and asked him what he was doing.

More of Sodapoppin’s friends started to join the Discord. MOONMOON (a Twitch streamer) suggested Sodapoppin have a gun. He speculated on the possibility of a feline wielding a ranged weapon.

After a while, Sodapoppin received a rocket launcher. It was unsuccessfully fired by Sodapoppin.

They boarded another car to attempt to kill passing NPCs. The rocket launcher was not fired, so Vigors gave Sodapoppin another gun. However, it failed too. Sodapoppin had to leave the game.

Sodapoppin is unpredictable when it comes to streams. So it was fitting that he received a rocket launcher as well as other weapons while playing cat on the most popular roleplaying server. For entertainment’s sake, it’s unfortunate that there wasn’t more chaos.

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