The Streamers Who Lost It During Live Stream

It can be tiring to entertain a lot of Twitch viewers. Streamers have to stay vigilant and deal with toxic, negative or worse users. Twitch streaming can become a job that is both rewarding and challenging.

There have been Twitch streamers who have lost it with their viewers, making a range of comments and playing pranks. This article will examine five Twitch streamers that lost it before their viewers in live streaming.


Tyler “Ninja”, a Fortnite star and Twitch streamer, was the most popular on Twitch during Battle Royale’s peak popularity. There were moments when the streamer was questioned by viewers with over 100,000 followers.

One such instance occurred in 2018, when a viewer gave $20 to the streamer and requested that he listen to their music. Ninja took aim at the viewers and claimed that they could not force them to make business deals with them via stream.


Nicole “BadBunny”, a popular Twitch streamer, was known for yelling at viewers during her chat.

Twitch streamer Trying to convince her subscribers to subscribe to her channel, she asked them to sign up for Twitch subscriptions.

The video of her rage at the crowd became one the most watched videos on the internet.


Felix PewDiePie span style=”font weight: 400 ;”>,” One of the most famous and respected internet personalities has lost his cool. The incident happened when the content creator and streamer was playing Ghost of Tsushima on PlayStation in 2020.

PewDiePie accidentally lost his PlayStation ID, which resulted in a flood spam messages from his followers. He is annoyed by his viewers and fans.


Felix “ on average has 75k subscribers per stream. The former Overwatch Pro has had occasional arguments with his Twitch viewers due to his large following.

One such incident took place in July 2021. The offending person was immediately banned by him after he slammed those who called anyone who opposed toxic comments “SJWs” in a Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War stream.


Imane Pokimane span styling=”font weight: 400 ;”>” Anys, one of Twitch’s most popular female streamers and content producers is Imane She has gained many millions of followers since the beginning of her streaming career. She lost her cool when dealing with them.

She had one of these incidents in 2019, when she responded to Reddit threads that featured her. She was furious at her “simps” who made comments about her clothes. Pokimane lost patience with the “simps” and made comments about her clothes.

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