The Super Jump Ability In Overwatch 2 Mercy

The Overwatch 2 beta got an update on May 13. It added Mercy’s “super jumping” ability. Players love it.

Overwatch 2 Beta is now live. Players have tried out new interactions, including 5 vs 5, and Sojourn, the new hero.

Overwatch 2’s developers have released an update to the beta that was available on May 13, which included several changes. One of these was a significant overhaul of Mercy, the popular support character.

Mercy can cancel her Guardian Angel’s jump by crouching. This sends Mercy skyward. Although the jump used to be possible before, OW 2 developers made it much easier so you can leap incredible heights.

Mercy members were amazed at how much the support hero had achieved in such a short amount of time.

OW 2 fellow players were delighted to see the changes made in the comments section.

Mercy will now be able dodge any incoming fire and remain alive in fights due to her new super jump. The game is currently in beta. Mercy is currently enjoying a great time jumping around in Overwatch.


Resurrect: Mercy’s core ability. When activated, Mercy will revive a dead ally in very close-range. They will be returned to full health at the position where they died.

Her abilities include “Guardian Angel” and “Angelic Descent”. Mercy can use Guardian Angel to fly directly towards a targeted teammate, including those that have recently been eliminated, either to move quickly across the field or near a teammate to apply her staff’s powers, or to dodge enemy fire.

The ‘super jump’ is a move that requires you to crouch then trigger her Guardian Angel ability just before jumping: the timing is extremely precise, requiring a player hit the ability about 15-20 milliseconds after crouching.13-May-2022

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