The True Reason Behind xQc’s ‘Streamer Therapy’

Twitch has been accused of enforcing “streamer therapy” on content providers who have been banned from the network, according to xQc. Twitch, in particular, pressed him to join in the “treatment” following his second suspension. He couldn’t go on Twitch again unless he agrees to at least one session.

Following a Twitter interaction with Marcus Graham AKA djWHEAT, Head of Twitch Community Productions, xQc brought up the so-called treatment. xQc discussed his relationship with djWHEAT and how he met him through “streamer therapy” while reading the chat with streamer Cohh Carnage about restreaming shows on stream, which he stated was “totally not okay.”

However, the story does not finish there. Some viewers were curious as to why xQc was sent to therapy in the first place.

xQc couldn’t recall what he had been banned for at the time. He assumed it was because of the time he streamed “gorilla booty.” He said on Twitter that he opened a video of two gorillas mating by accident. Despite the fact that he promptly closed the window, he earned a ban. Even so, the prohibition was only for 24 hours, so it wasn’t a major setback.

Twitch does not specify whether the therapy sessions are required for repeated bans, specific types of bans, or any other factors. xQc could only speak about his own personal experience. Over the course of his streaming career, he received five Twitch bans in total, but he only cited streaming treatment for his second ban. It’s unclear whether Twitch compelled him to attend “streamer therapy” for all of his previous bans.

xQc has also been banned from a lot of locations in the past, including servers and competitions. Because he didn’t want to feed the news cycle with clickbait, he didn’t disclose the current reason he was banned back in August.

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