The Twitch Streamer’s Cooking goes wrong

A Korean Twitch streamer nearly cooked his own camera after it was dropped from the mounting stand during a stream of cooking.

Twitch has a separate category for cooking streams and they have been a majorstay of the site. You can find a wide variety of content, including videos from people having fun or those trying to make a meal.

However, one of the greatest aspects of cooking streaming is their inability to go according to plan, particularly for less skilled chefs. After nearly burning her kitchen in a Twitch streaming, kjanecaron pleaded for help from her viewers.

A second blunder was made by sora629, a Korean streamer. She almost got her camera in the recipe.

Sora629 placed her camera above the counter on May 31, to give viewers a better view. Things quickly went wrong. It began to slowly fall as she moved away from it.

After a series unfortunate events, the camera fell into the vegetables below. Another bowl of sauce was also dropped from the counter, and smashed onto the ground.

The streamer panicked and tried all she could to stop her cats eating the sauce. The chat continued in fits and laughter.

While many people claimed they could see it from miles away, Sora didn’t know that the camera was actually falling. The camera did not break, and she was able to continue her IRL content. However, she will make sure that the stand is secured next time.


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