The Unexpected Appears of Dr Disrespect on Twitch

Twitch fans have noticed that Dr Disrespect, a YouTube streaming artist, appears in an unannounced Fortnite advertisement. This comes as several Twitch creators were at risk of being banned for sharing their Twitch accounts with Dr Disrespect, who is well-knownly perma banned.

Dr. Disrespect and Twitch are still being discussed by the streaming community. A sudden and permanent ban was placed on the platform. This triggered a bitter legal battle that lasted almost two years.

In March 2022, Twitch and Doc reconciled. However, Twitch and the Doc reconciled their differences in March 2022. Fans are left with many questions, not answers. He is still banned from Twitch without any official reasons.

Fans were shocked to see Dr. Disrespect’s Fortnite advertisement in Twitch.

Users were stunned to see Dr. Disrespect’s advertisement for Fortnite: Zero Build on Twitch. This was shared by fans.

NICKMERCS and Disguised Toast are just some of the Twitch and YouTube streamers that were featured in this video. Due to his turbulent relationship with Twitch viewers were especially surprised at Doc’s appearance.

Several content creators were suspended from Amazon’s platform after they included the streamer banned in their content.

The clip was hilarious because of Doc’s connection with Twitch. Some were a bit puzzled by the fact that he was allowed to be in this advertisement.

Other, however, noted that the situation between Twitch, Dr Disrespect, and other YouTube streamers is not the same.

At the time of writing, Dr Disrespect had not commented on the ad. It remains to be seen how his relationship is with Twitch.

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