The Valorant Episode 4 Leaks

Let’s take a look at the Valorant Episode 4 leaks now that Valorant Episode 3: Reflection is over.

Over the last year, Valorant has exploded in popularity. It’s on its way to becoming the best first-person shooter game ever made. Valorant is also one of the most popular categories on twitch, with over 60 million monthly viewers. During Champions, the number of viewers peaked at 1,032,483 viewers.

The current episode of Valorant, “Reflection,” has also been a huge hit. Riot wants to build on their current success in their next episode. They plan to implement some new features that were teased during the Valorous Champions special event.

During the Valorous champions, a teaser for the new agent was shown, in which the agent says, “I go fast.” People have dubbed him “Agent Sprinter” as a result of this. Agent 18 could be a Dualist posing a threat to Jett but no other information about this new agent has been revealed, but he or she will be introduced in the next episode.

We’ll also get a chance to see the new Yoru in the new episode. Riot made some changes after receiving feedback from the players and learning that his pick rate in VCT 2021 was 0%.

The abilities of the New and Improved are as follows:

(c) Fakeout: Originally, these were just fake footsteps, but riot has replaced them with a new visual: a carbon copy of Yoru that runs forward and, when shot, explodes, debuffing enemies.

(e) Gatecrash: Riot has reduced the distance from which enemies can see and hear the tether on the map as it travels. They’ve also increased the speed of gatecrash travel by 20%. Yoru can now activate the tether from afar to simulate teleportation, with the same audio and visuals as if he were actually teleporting.

Every new episode of Valorant introduces a new Run It Back collection, which includes skins from various bundles. This gives the brave creative team a well-deserved break. In addition, players will have the opportunity to obtain their favorite skins. Ghost, Recon Specter, Prime 2.0 Odin, Forsaken Vandal, and Origin Operator are among the Tethered realms included in the Run it Back 2 collection.

A long time ago, the Valorant Tournament mode was leaked. This mode is rank-based, implying that all teams competing in the tournament will be in the same league.

Riot has hinted that we may be able to play this game mode starting in the next episode. Many hoped and felt excited after seeing the leaks because Valorant Episode 4 will premiere on January 12th.

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