The Waterlynn Christmas Fail

Twitch streamer and model Waterlynn recently made a Christmas fail to remember when she attempted to make a gingerbread house.

After attempting to lay the stacks of gingerbread to form a cute little house, the streamer’s lack of concentration resulted in a hilarious outcome as one thing led to another, culminating in Waterlynn’s rage.

Waterlynn had a holiday-themed stream in which she dressed up as a cute Santa and tried a variety of things during this special ‘Just Chatting’ stream, including building a gingerbread house. However, her dreams of having an amazing gingerbread house were dashed early on in the process.

Waterlynn was attempting to fit the back layer of the house after laying the floor. However, because of her lack of concentration and finesse, the layer collapsed, setting off a chain of unfortunate events for the streamer.

She even ratcheted up the rage meter by slamming her desk as hard as she could after the gingerbread layer fell and broke. However, that wasn’t her only nightmare come true, as the hard knock on the desk resulted in the spilling of a can of Coke she had on the desk.

Waterlynn couldn’t contain her rage after noticing the spillage and screamed into the void, further damaging the gingerbread layers on the desk.

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