Thebausffs Ban

After intentionally feeding on Sion in a ranked game with pro superstar Faker, League of Legends Twitch streamer Simon “Thebausffs” Hofverberg has been banned from using his Korean server account.

For many years, an EU Challenger player, Thebausffs sought to test himself by traveling to South Korea on April 1st to see just how good he was. The star has a distinct playstyle centered on Sion, and he wanted to see if it could stand up to the most competitive online League environment.

Thebausffs managed to reach League’s top rank, Challenger, in Korea in just a few weeks, all while avoiding any trouble for the occasional Sion int.

In a Korean solo queue game on April 25th, Thebausffs joined a League game with T1 mid laner Faker and used his infamous int’ing Sion strategy. When Thebausffs finished the game 2/18/9 on Sion, what was supposed to be a quick transition into the next game took a turn for the worse.

Soon after, a notification appeared on stream, which surprised Thebausffs—his profile had been banned, and fans were ready to contact Riot about it.

Thebausffs quickly claimed it was all a “misunderstanding.”

Faker was playing on his primary “hide on bush” account when Thebausffs’ Korean League account suffered that tough loss. The “Faker incident” and the League block, however, had no direct link, according to the Twitch star.

The ban was actually related to standard League security protocols, according to Thebausffs. The account had been locked down for reasons other than intentionally feeding a game—an automated system had shut things down due to a possible account theft triggered by the game’s security system.

Thebausffs’ League of Legends account was unbanned shortly after, and he followed up with a series of Twitch streams titled “Unbanned and Reformed,” in which he (tongue-in-cheek) demonstrated improved behavior since his account’s suspension.

Now that he’s back to streaming League, Thebausffs appears to be on his best behavior as he progresses up the Korean ranked ladder.


League of Legends Twitch streamer Simon “Thebausffs” Hofverberg has been banned from using his Korean server account for intentionally feeding on professional player Sion in a ranked game. Thebausffs had recently traveled to South Korea and wanted to see how skilled he was

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