TheBlackHokage Response to Racist Hate Raid

TheBlackHokage, Corey Smallwood’s real name on Twitch, was recently targeted in a hate attack but TheBlackHokage seems to have a great way of responding.

Twitch’s Terms of Service prohibit any hateful behavior. This includes any discrimination based upon ‘race’, ‘ethnicity or color. An unknown entity has created numerous accounts free of charge to harass Black streamers using racist chat spam.

The ‘hate attacks’ have been a problem for streamers since a while. This is happening again, despite many streamers calling for further action on Twitch.

TheBlackHokage, a Twitch streamer was recently hit by hate raids. However, it appears that he had prepared and had an action plan for dealing with this kind of situation. Hokage noticed that the bots were suddenly targeting him while streaming. However, he had been prepared and was ready for it and immediately jumped into action.

His words were: “Let’s go, yo. I’ve been waiting to see this s**t. Holy s**t. Finally.” Hokage shared his method to end them. He put the chat in “Subscribers only” mode, which instantly banished all racist bots.

Hokage said, “Problem solved. Hokage stated, “Problem solved.” He then mocked the trolls for trying to throw him off. TheBlackHokage, a Twitch streamer has uploaded the video clip to Twitter with the sarcastically captioned caption: “Today I was subject to a hate attack on Twitch from basement-dwelling racist neckbeards.” I had to use all of my willpower and strength to hold back the tears and not give up in the stream.


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