TheDanDangler New Wave Of Controversy

Danyell ‘TheDanDangler’ Lanza, a Twitch streamer, has found herself embroiled in yet another controversy after being banned for watching a TV show on stream and then complaining about a lack of paid sick leave.

On January 11th, another name was removed from the Twitch TV show meta. TheDanDangler was banned from the streaming platform for broadcasting copyrighted material to her viewers, following in the footsteps of industry heavyweights like Pokimane and Disguised Toast.

The American streamer was done for sharing full episodes of the History Channel’s Forged in Fire reality series, not for watching anime like the others. Shortly TheDanDangler suspension was announced, she took to Twitter, and quickly got herself into more trouble.

TheDanDangler blamed Twitch for doing “absolutely nothing” when it came to “sick days or time off,” claiming she was sick and not “well enough to entertain.”

Despite earning money on other platforms such as Patreon, the streamer was enraged that she could no longer earn money on Twitch as a result of her own self-imposed ban. She explained that she was upset that she wanted to cry because she had a “$4,000 vet bill to pay.

This comes only a few days after buying a new car and taking a vacation in the same month.

TheDanDangler’s outburst had exploded across social media before he deleted the post. Hundreds of comments poured in as viewers and fellow streamers mocked her point of view.

Many popular streamers used the text as a template to make jokes about the situation, and it became a new ‘copypasta’ as well.

TheDanDangler promised to leave Twitter for good after deleting the post and warning everyone to “watch what [they] say.”

TheDanDangler is no stranger to Twitter controversy, and this isn’t the first time he’s been the target of widespread criticism. The polarizing Twitch personality was recently chastised for sharing revenue from a charity stream.

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