There’s an interesting theory behind disguised toast

Disguised Toast recently explained why collaborating with YouTuber Valkyrae helps him grow his audience, and also revealed a major reason for the “artificial” nature of views during the Among Us craze.

When popular content creators stream together, the collaboration has the potential to attract a large audience by bringing together multiple fanbases in one location.

According to Disguised Toast, there is a specific reason for the increase in viewership. The Twitch star admitted that playing games with Valkyrae may have resulted in skewed results.

During his recent stream, Disguised Toast revealed his streaming numbers to his audience and claims that while recently playing Escape Room Simulator with 100 Thieves Co-Owner Valkyrae, he saw a significant increase in viewership.

He said that he noticed that during his Valkyrae stream, he went from 21,000 to 31,000 viewers, and that he didn’t realize he had 31k viewers until after, and he was trying to figure out why, and explained, adding that he believes fans are switching between the two streams.

Also, one reason he can think of is that people enjoy hopping between the two perspectives because they were both streaming and competing. 

If Disguised Toast’s theory is correct, the increase in views was “artificial,” but he went on to explain to his audience why Among Us had inflated viewership numbers due to collaboration streams.

It’s an intriguing theory, and it gives us some insight into how viewers might react when two of their favorite streamers collaborate. If nothing else, it demonstrates how co-op games can influence viewer behavior.

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