TheStockGuy Denies Anti-Vaxxer Accusations

After being forced to deny “anti-vaxxer” accusations, Twitch streamer TheStockGuy made a hilarious slip of the tongue.

The Twitch streamer had previously stated that he had refused to give one of the COVID-19 vaccination doses to his baby daughter. After a few months, TheStockGuy wanted his daughter to get the second dose.

During a subsequent stream, TheStockGuy attempted to show that he wasn’t an “anti-vaxxer” and was only concerned about his daughter’s safety. However, before quickly realizing his error, the Twitch creator referred to the vaccine as “poison.”

TheStockGuy had previously stated that he did not administer one of the vaccination doses to his daughter. After two months, the streamer wanted his daughter to be vaccinated.

As a result, TheStockGuy was labeled an anti-vaxxer by Twitch viewers. Later, the streamer attempted to defend himself. However, he ended up making a hilarious gaffe that effectively revealed his position on the subject.

Needless to say, the streamer quickly realized his error and apologized for his remark. TheStockGuy’s Twitch chat mocked the streamer, as fans were amused by his unexpected appearance.

The Twitch streamer regularly hosts streams where he gives stock and investment advice to viewers. On Twitch, TheStockGuy currently has 271k followers and over 1.5k subscribers.

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